Monday, September 10, 2007

My Life Is Good...

It has been quite a while since I have posted a blog. I have been under much scrutiny from my family about my lack of motivation in this area so here goes.
This year I have done a great deal of traveling. It all started with an awesome cruise with my children and their spouses. My mom was able to join us as well as Spencer and Maddie (my oldest grandchildren). We had lots of fun and created many memories. I hope to be able to do that for them again in the future.
My next two trips (in March and May) were fairly short when I spent three days each time in Las Vegas with a good friend. While visiting there, I was treated to a night at Phanotom of the Opera on one visit and Celine Dion on the second visit by my good friend Larry Pierce. We also did a lot of sight seeing places other than the Stip in Las Vegas.
Then, after school got out, I was able to go to Hawaii and spend a week enjoying the beauties of that part of the world. Again, I very much enjoyed my time there. The scenery was great and so was the company I kept while there.
My next journey was a once in a life time trip to Scandinavia. I was gone for three weeks with a tour group. We visited the beautiful countries of Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, as well as St. Petersburg and Moscow, Russia. What a treat! I took lots of pictures and brought back some great souvenirs. Thanks to all those who kept my yard watered and looking nice in the heat of the summer while I basked in 75 degree weather and rain.
Now, the best part of this blog is about to come. Last May, I made a decision not to return to teaching this year. One of the things I have wanted to do for many years was go to BYU education week. I was able to do that because I am not in school this year. It was an incredible experience. I went with my sister, Kathy. We always have a great time when together and this was no exception. Thanks Kathy for letting me room with you.
My next adventure came in the form of another trip to Las Vegas. I was there for four days with Stacie, Steve, and their children. We had lots of fun. Even the seven hour ride there was good. At the end of our stay, they went on to San Diego while I remained in Vegas for a couple days and then on to Cedar City with Larry to do something else I have always wanted to do---attend the Shakespeare Festival. The plays were awesome. We saw Twelfth Night and Lend Me A Tenor: The Musical. Both were well worth the time and money. Keri and Brett were able to join us making the event even more enjoyable. While there, we did some sight seeing and saw Cedar Breaks. What wonders this beautiful country has for us to see.

As all good things must come to an end, I am home for a few months now. It is time for my kids to get to know me again. But you need to know that I have a little travel bug that lives within me now and I expect to travel more often now. There is a great deal to see and experience out there.


Carlee said...

I was a little shocked when I noticed you actually wrote again! Congrats on completing your second blog post!

I am definitely jealous of all the travel you have been doing. I would love to see all the things you've been able to see and do. You deserve it though. Maybe someday I can revisit some of these places with you and you can show me around. :)

Keep having fun but don't forget us! :) Thanks again for the awesome cruise you treated us all to. We will never forget it.

Michelle said...

Wow! I haven't checked this since for a while because I was always disappointed you hadn't posted anything new. I'm glad you get to travel and enjoy life to its fullest now just don't forget the things that mean the most to you (pssst...that's us, your kids!).

I loved the cruise and hope we can go on more family vacations like that, there's nothing better than some fun with the family (and not having to work for a few days is a nice perk too).