Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Wow! It has been a while since my last blog. I have kept pretty busy and haven't found time to blog. That combined with the fact that I often think my blogs seem pretty mundane have kept me from updating for awhile.

Let me begin with the statement that it is REALLY HOT here in Vegas. Last week Michelle, Jeff, Carlee, Kory and Maggie came to stay with us. We kept pretty busy trying different places to eat and shopping at the outlets (at least the girls. The boys went golfing that day). We all really noticed the heat while walking from casino to casino taking in the themes (where was the breeze that was supposed to blow mist from the Bellagio Fountains?). Thank goodness for the swimming pool to cool down in after our sightseeing. With all of the activities we had planned, Maggie was such a great little vacationer. I hardly knew she was with us.

Here's a GREAT BIG THANKS to those who braved the heat and planned a vacation here. We certainly enjoyed the company--and so did Jack. He gets pretty bored listening to Larry's humor (OK, mine too). And now I have a visit from Spencer to look forward to. If anyone has any input as to what fun things I can do with him while in Vegas, let me know. I'm making a list.


Michelle said...

We had a blast there, even with the intense heat. Hopefully we can plan more trips there to see you guys, it was so incredibly nice to get away and enjoy for a few days!

Carlee Hoopes said...

Yeah, we had a great time as well. Keep trying out new restaurants so we can have somewhere new to try next time. :)