Sunday, June 1, 2008

Visiting Family and Making Memories.....

This week has been so nice. I came back to Ogden last week and spent Memorial Day here, had a cookout with the family and celebrated May and June birthdays with them. On Thursday Larry made the drive here to be with us for the weekend. We have had so much fun. We visited Pop's Malt Shop, took my mom to dinner for her birthday, spent time with all of my children, and each of the grandchildren (Hannah, G, and Dylan even spent the night on Friday). Wii Sports was part of our exercise regimen and provided many hours of fun for the family. Thanks to the Boyles! I was also able to attend Maddie's dance recital. What a beautiful little dancer she is becoming. Thanks for inviting me, Maddie. Today we were able to be in attendance at, and participate in, Ellisyn's blessing. What a neat experience that was. Brett did a wonderful job, leaving Ellisyn a big responsibility to be the person that Heavenly Father sent her to become.
Tomorrow morning, very early, Larry and I will be heading back to Vegas to get some very pressing work done in our house there. We have three bedrooms to get in order, i.e. walls and mop boards washed, carpets cleaned, beds moved around and possibly a bedroom painted. Next week Larry is heading to Hawaii to bring his dad back for a couple months. We need to get a room ready for him and since Carlee, Kory, Maggie, Michelle, and Jeff will be coming to visit on the 24th of June, we will need to get the two extra bedrooms upstairs ready for them. I think I always have a plan and things on my list to get accomplished. Oh, and next Thursday I will be coming back to Ogden for a few days while Larry goes to pick up his dad. Does life ever slow down? I hope not. I think I would get bored.


Carlee Hoopes said...

LOL - Your schedule makes me tired just thinking about it! I hope we aren't too much of a bother when we come, but I promise we're pretty chill, so don't stress out too much. We're just glad you're taking us in and letting us come vacation at Larry's house and swim in his pool! What more could we ask for?

Michelle said...

I wouldn't mind my life slowing down a bit least at work. I'd like a bit more personal time...someday.

We're glad you've been here the past few weeks, it's been nice having you in town. We can't, however, wait until we get to visit you in Vegas. Not looking forward to the heat but the vacation will be soooo nice!