Sunday, October 5, 2008

Everyone should laugh more

This has been a great weekend. October has many birthdays in our family. Thursday we were able to celebrate Carl's birthday at the cemetery with flowers, balloons and a pizza party. Friday we all met at Stacie's house to celebrated birthdays for Stacie (Oct. 2), Carlee (Oct. 16) and Maggie (Oct 6). It is Larry's birthday Tuesday but he wasn't there to celebrate.
Saturday I was able to watch conference before I left to come back to Las Vegas. I was very enthused about Elder Worthlin's talk on finding opportunities to laugh more. I was interested in this talk because in the last nearly 2 years, Larry and I have found many things to laugh about. In fact, sometimes we can hardly catch our breath we are laughing so hard.
Well, today we had the opportunity to laugh again. I even had tears rolling down my face. If you have read Larry's blog, you know he had a bit of an accident today. He fell in the pool. Yes, you heard me. He fell in the pool. Now the pool has been part of his back yard for nearly 15 years. You would think he would know where it juts out for the steps. Not so. We were pulling the pool cover on when he stepped backwards and found nothing but water to put his foot on. As he said, the water parted and he fell in. When I turned to see what was happening I saw his arms were flailing and heard an awkward sound coming from his mouth (not sure if it was a screech or a loud ARGGG). Then he went under. When he popped up I really wasn't sure what to expect. Would he be angry? Was he alright? (Look at me trying to be compassionate.) I was relieved to see him laughing. And then he said it was cold water. I know this unexpected dive took him by surprise but he was certainly good humored about it. We (Jeff, Jack, Larry and I) have laughed all afternoon about it. I'm sure that is one of those things that will keep us laughing for a good long time. I really wish it had somehow been recorded for America's Funniest Home Video's but you will all have to tune in and watch it on the Heaven Video when we all get there.


Carlee Hoopes said...

I was laughing out loud when I read Larry's blog. LOL. That's awesome. And, I was gonna say "rewind in Heaven," but you beat me to it. Glad ya'll got a good Laugh at Larry's expense.

Michelle said...

lol this cracks me up. I'll definitely be adding that to my "Heaven Replays" list. Glad Larry is good humored about it so that we can all get some enjoyment from it.

Larry said...
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Larry said...

Can't let a comment like that go by and not respond. You might recall that I got a mouthful of water trying to laugh under water. I am in total agreement with you that we need to laugh more often, well maybe some people should laugh more often I think we do pretty well in that regard. what about you.