Sunday, April 27, 2008

I have been thinking a lot lately about what drives people in the direction of accomplishment. Is it a hereditary part of nature? A learned personality? Or maybe even both? I have pondered this because I seem to always need to accomplish some task. I find it really difficult to just sit back and enjoy a day of doing nothing in particular. I know that my parents were very hard working people. As a matter of fact my mother, at age 79 (almost), still works in her yard and keeps an immaculate house. Even though her health isn't good, spring and fall house cleaning are still a ritual for her.
I suppose I learned that while growing up so that was part of what I did as a young wife and mother. Typically, the work was always done before the play started. As life got more hectic with teaching school and working on additional educational degrees, I found it hard to continue that kind of cleaning even though I didn't let my house get out of hand. I guess what has made me think about this as of late is that since I have been married to Larry and am getting used to a different house with things in different places, I have been doing a great deal of reorganizing, cleaning, de-cluttering to fit my wants, needs, and life style. I'm sure there are those people out there that would be very comfortable just moving into someone else's domain and leaving well enough alone. It sure would be a lot easier that way. I think they call that "sitting around eating Bon Bon's all day."
This week we have taken on a new project. Larry and I are painting the bedroom, putting tile on the floor in the bathroom and having new carpet installed. I love doing these kinds of projects because I can actually see some results. Oftentimes when doing weekly cleaning, I know it is done but no one else actually notices. We got the ceiling painted last Saturday and I am working on the bathroom walls today. The target finish date is sometime around May 16 to have it all done. It has been enjoyable to me to be able to work together on this remodel job.
I have been concerned that Larry will wonder why the hurry on the cleaning and remodeling but like I said, I suppose it is drive for accomplishment coupled with my impatient nature to want to get things done in the quickest time possible so I can move on to another project. Did I just commit to creating more work for myself? Oh well, it will be fun to realize the fruits of my labors. Whether my drive for accomplishment is hereditary or learned, I don't mind work at all.


Jaidi, Justin and girls said...

I want to see pictures!

Sorry about my last post, I accidentally posted it under my work account! OOps!

Carlee Hoopes said...

Yeah, we want to see pics!

I'm the same way though mom. I can't seem to enjoy myself much unless the chores are done. I love a clean house and have gotten to the point where I can't go to sleep soundly unless my kitchen is clean and there are no dirty dishes in the sink. I like to walk downstairs in the morning to find everything in order, even though with Maggie things will be out of order shortly! I just feel so much happier when I have accomplished the tasks and chores I put on my list and then I can relax and enjoy myself and let loose a little. :) I guess I got that from you.

Michelle said...

Amen! Now Jeff knows where I got this trait. I consider it a blessing but I think sometimes he considers it a curse :) Work hard, then play hard...I can't enjoy the playing until the working is done. I'm glad you are getting things done and staying busy, I can't wait to see the end result!